Guiding Principles

Landscape of ancient redwoods.

Oh yea of little faith...

The spirit that makes us human, unique, curious, and fallible it is worth harnessing. It is divine or at least it can be if we  nourish it appropriately. We have a  long history chasing and inventing super powers that are supposed to love and punish us but somehow are very much like us.  What most of us have failed to understand, was that we dismissed our mastery and knowlege of the world around us ungodlike. Even though throught history and even today we deify other humans. four words faith and religion

The thall shall and shall nots... four words

I feel obligated to offer this small list just in case you didn't get the whole "be good and just part.

1. Do not commit acts of pedophilia.

2. Do not commit acts of rape, incest, or sexual assault.

3. Do not steal unless it is just necessary for survival.

4. Do not kill unless it absolutely necessary.

That's it. four words tennants

The thou probably shoulds...

This is the one that really matters!!!

1. four words faith and religion nutrition for the spark of human divinity and an urge no one should ever feel guilty about.

2. Understand your world and gain knowledge don't "divine" truth, scrutinize and  truly know what you know. Then distrust it for the rest of time as new knowledge often discounts old truths as old fantasy.  

3. Admit when you are wrong and be capable of change.

4. Take care of yourself, others, and the rest of the living we share our exciting planet with.