What do you worship?

Who is God?

      It is a good question to ask a clergyman and usually a disappointing marketing pitch follows for an answer. Most monotheist all believe in "the one true God" with no room for anything else. So only sing songs for, engage in marketing for, and give money for that "one true GOD" or else.

      What does your GOD do? is another good question to ask so you can get a interesting take on what their imaginary man accomplishes. He is a newborn babies smile or a wrathful hurricane to punishes newborn babies and sinners alike. None of it make sense if you think about it to long you will lose God and find yourself reading this.

      So what do worship here, its people, it is human divinity. A God has supernatural powers like we do. Its what we do we can change nature and bend the mountains and rivers to our will. We have accomplished so much, but... have we been good and just Gods? Well we probably need to work on that and worship those good Gods that have done the world or humankind a good solid one.

So are all people Gods?

No, not at all! If you don't like to read or go explore go count yourself out. If you have no curiosity or no desire to do anything other than be comfortable and safe you are not in the running for this kind of prestige. Gods create, Gods shape the world, and Gods know a lot. Gods seek knowledge and experiment Gods have motivating force. Well, beavers do some of these things are beavers Gods too? Yes, some of them have to be! I will probably find Gods in many animals before this God dies.

So what is the meaning of life?

my practice

What we are not.

We do not go door to door we will not try to convert anyone or force our children to believe as we do. In fact we should disbelieve as much as possible. We are not after peoples wallets and don't require tithes. We will accept donations to help keep our publications free and support causes that will have a direct impact on the health of all people.

What we are.

 This is a take it or leave it religion that does not require faith and that is subject to change. A commitment to truth, transparency, and exalt the inherit nobility of ourselves. 

Why we don't have a name.

We have almost everything we need in those four words. We don't have deity we follow and we are not looking for one. The spark of intelligence that sets us to wonder and discover is our version of divinity.